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earthly resources
for great ideas. 


Cloverleaf Foundation strives to be a lively source of support for initiative takers of projects of a social ecological nature.

These are initiatives that create fabrics of relationships, forming an integrated approach to individual, organisational and social development. 

Forms of working together which acknowledge the human as a being of body, soul and spirit, which allow for the development and contribution of each individual as part of a totality, serving its purpose. 

Our understanding of people and organisations is based in anthroposophy, though the projects we support can be inspired by other sources as well.



Please find herewith some of the projects that we have funded in the recent past.

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Cloverleaf Foundation invites people and organizations with great ideas for projects in the social realm to come forward and engage in dialogue to see if we can support you.

If you are interested to start this process, please contact our secretariat at with a one-page synopsis or paragraph about your particular idea or project. Once reviewed and if aligned with our interests, we will provide a questionnaire that will help us to get to know each other and to learn further about your ideas. 


The Board of Cloverleaf Foundation meets twice a year, in spring and in autumn. For exact dates and timing of your application, contact us on

Please note that we can not support you with regular salaries and/or travel costs.



 The Cloverleaf Foundation Board of Directors

Sandra Maertens, Secretary to the Board of Directors

Elaine Beadle, member

Kathelijne Drenth, Chair

Rolien van Dijk, member

Chai Locher, member

Sido van der Meulen, member

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A short story about the history of the Cloverleaf Foundation

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